Clinical Care

Dr. Appah specializes in the treatment of mood disorders, anxiety, unusual perceptions and distressful voice hearing.  Dr. Appah’s approach to psychiatric care is evidenced-based, open-minded and collaborative. He has a breadth of experience in psychopharmacology and in the use of genetic testing to optimize and inform treatment. He encourages clients to include exercise, meditation, alternative medicine and spiritual practices in their treatment and recovery. In addition to psychotherapy, services include:


Telepsychiatry is the process of providing expert psychiatric care from a distance through technology, often using videoconferencing. Video-based telepsychiatry is convenient and can benefit clients in a number of ways including improving continuity of care and follow-up and reducing the need for child care services.

Psychopharmacogenetic Testing

Psychopharmacogenetic testing analyzes clinically important genetic variations in a DNA sample (typically found in saliva) in order to allow for a more individualized approach to psychotropic-supported psychotherapy.  The results of the test can provide insight into how a client’s unique genetic profile may impact their metabolism and response to various medications.  Psychopharmacogenetic testing can therefore guide dosage, signal drug efficacy and improve client safety.

Esketamine Therapy

In March 2019, SPRAVATO™ (esketamine) nasal spray was approved for treatment-resistant depression (TRD). TRD is defined as depression that has not responded to cognitive behavioral therapies in combination with at least two antidepressants. Meroë Psychiatric is a certified SPRAVATO™ treatment center.  For our purposes, Esketamine therapy must occur in combination with weekly psychotherapy.

Online Cognitive Testing

Mental health disorders are intrinsically linked to core aspects of cognitive function. Online cognitive testing powered by Cambridge Brain Sciences relies on tasks that have been validated to measure memory, attention concentration, reasoning and verbal abilities. Performance trends can provide insight into effect of treatment and then reassess periodically to measure progress.

Meroë & Khan Pro Bono Psychiatric Service

Meroë Psychiatric is committed to public psychiatry and providing care to individuals who cannot otherwise afford high-quality psychiatric care. For this reason, Meroë Psychiatric partnered with Dr. Ilea Khan in January of 2020 to form Meroë & Khan Pro Bono Psychiatric Service. The aim of this initiative is to provide expert psychopharmacological management to a cohort of individuals with limited resources. Meroë & Khan is under the direction of Dr. Khan.

Dr. Khan is a board-certified physician who specializes in adolescent and adult psychiatry with a sub-specialty in Public Psychiatry. Dr. Khan graduated from St. George’s Medical School and during her clinical rotations in the New York City metro area, she dedicated her elective and volunteer time to homeless veterans. After medical school she completed her psychiatric residency at Harvard Medical School. During her residency she went on to become an Assistant Editor for the Harvard Review of Psychiatry. She graduated as Chief Resident with additional distinction as the recipient of the Solomon Research Award and the Three-Sixty Professionalism Award.

After residency, Dr. Khan completed a public psychiatry fellowship with the Yale Department of Psychiatry. After her fellowship she served as Medical Director of a CT mental health facility comprised of an inpatient detox unit, residential units for special needs children and active duty soldiers with substance abuse issues. Dr. Khan has special certifications in psychodynamic psychotherapy and has extensive experience in addiction treatment and motivational psychotherapies. She holds state licenses in both Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Meroë Psychiatric is proud to partner with Dr. Khan to provide expert psychiatric care to a cohort of individual with limited resources in collaboration with community therapists. Referrals for this pro bone service must occur through a licensed health care professional. For more information please contact