Meroë Psychiatric Times

September 2023

Endogenous cannabinoid molecules calm you during stress

Ketogenic diet short-term may benefit women with PCOS

MDMA Reduces PTSD Symptoms: Promising Study Results

Psilocybin Center in Oregon Offers Legal Psychedelic Experiences

ADHD drug shortage stresses families during back-to-school season

NAMI: September is Suicide Prevention Month

WHO: Suicide Prevention Day 10 September

August 2023

FDA approves first oral agent specifically for postpartum depression

July 2023

Nonstimulants: A better option for ADHD?

Social Isolation Linked to Lower Brain Volume

Nature: Psychedelics appear to unlock potential for new learning in the brain

Australia legalizes MDMA for mental health

Lean muscle mass protective against Alzheimer’s?

Hearing aids may decrease the risk for dementia

June 2023

B-Vitamin May Help Boost Antidepressant

Muscle Fat: A new risk factor for cognitive decline?

May 2023

Widespread Prescribing of Stimulants With Other CNS Meds

41% of surveyed LGBTQ+ youth considered suicide in the past year

Study: Hormonal contraception may raise likelihood of postpartum depression

Oregon to open first psilocybin therapy treatment center in US

Cochrane: Only one antidepressant has sufficienct evidence for treatment of chronic pain

Intriguing: Ozempic for substance use disorders?

Pediatric melatonin overdoses surge by 530% in a decade

Study: Teens say social media stressing them the out

New Boxed Warning for ADHD Meds

US Surgeon General declares loneliness epidemic

Study: At-home yoga reduces anxiety, improves short-term memory

Cannabis Use Disorder and risk of schizophrenia in males

April 2023

Melatonin gummies may contain excessive dosages

Gut Microbiome, diet and link to depression

More states accepting ‘mental health day’ as a valid excuse for missing school (Finally!)

Anxiety: Exercise More Effective Than Meds?

Why the sharp rise in Adult ADHD diagnoses?

ADHD medication abuse in schools is a ‘wake-up call’

Study offers dozens of reasons to cut sugar

March 2023

Foods and Drinks Linked to Anxiety

February 2023

Psychedelics Legislation Gains Momentum

Poll: 1 in 8 older Americans show signs of processed food addiction

Study: Vitamin D supplementation linked to fewer suicide attempts

January 2023

FDA could approve MDMA-assisted therapy by 2024

NPR: Therapy by chatbot?

Link found between gut health and exercise motivation

Chronic patients swapping opioids for cannabis

FDA Grants Accelerated Approval for Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

December 2022

Ultraprocessed Foods Tied to Faster Rate of Cognitive Decline

Reuters: U.S. opioid crackdown hits some patients’ access to psychiatric drugs

November 2022

Mindfulness worked as well for anxiety as Lexapro in randomized clinical trial

In the Pipeline: Synthetic Psilocybin for Major Depression

Study: 10-year antidepressant use tied to increase in CVD

Nature as a prescription

October 2022

Study: Special type of diet may reduce symptoms of dementia

Study: Mood disorders may exaggerate regret

Mindfulness provides a natural high, study finds

Novel, fast-acting antidepressant, familiar reimbursement challenges

Weight-loss drug Semaglutide may reduce desire for alcohol

Mania or marijuana?

Valproate (‘Depakote’) and pregnancy

Worldwide adderall shortage

Dr. Weil: Alternatives to melatonin for sleep

ADHD medications and bone density